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CBD Beverage Enhancer

The CBD Beverage Enhancer is your ultimate solution to the fast ingestion of CBD and the various benefits that the CBD provides. Adding the CBD Beverage Enhancer to water, beverages, and other drinks can provide you with great health benefits.

CBD Beverage Enhancer provides a way for you to enjoy your favorite drinks and beverages and improve your health and wellbeing in the process.

Benefits of the CBD Beverage Enhancer


For Athletes

The CBD beverage enhancer can help you before and after your sports sessions. Before the session, the beverage enhancer will boost your energy levels and give you more strength and energy for your sports sessions.

After the session, the beverage enhancer will help you to relax and unwind. The stress and body pain that results from your training sessions will be gone with the CBD Beverage Enhancer.

Every sportsperson should always have a bottle of the CBD Beverage Enhancer.


If you are not a sportsperson but you get involved in regular workouts and exercises, the CBD beverage enhancer is for you. It is a great accompaniment to your workout sessions. Put the beverage enhancer in any of your liquid drink and enjoy a refreshing time after the workout sessions. See your pain subside.

Energy for daily living

The beverage enhancer is a good way to start the day. You can use it to boost your energy levels and improve your ability to perform your daily activities effectively.

You can also use the beverage enhancer mid-day or even at the end of the day as a restorative process.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated always is important to health. Dehydration is bad for the health. The CBD Beverage Enhancer will help you stay hydrated for a long period. You will never have to worry about dehydration after adding the beverage enhancer to your drinks.

Disease free

CBD can help you overcome a lot of diseases.

CBD is a tested and proven remedy for emotional issues like depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, and many more. It is known for its cancer-fighting properties, the ability to cure heart diseases and other popular diseases.

CBD cures arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, and other bone or joint related diseases. It is also effective for immunodeficiency diseases.

Suffering from any of those conditions, get the water and liquid soluble CBD Beverage Enhancer and be on your way to restored health.

Improve your health

A drop of the beverage enhancer gives you the full range of the health benefits of CBD oil. Enjoy maximum health and wellness with all the properties that the CBD oil provides. The CBD Beverage enhancer contains all the full range of properties of CBD that makes it the number one choice for people who care about their health and wellness.

It protects you from neurodegenerative diseases. It also prevents inflammation and swelling. CBD has also been shown to prevent the formation of cancer cells.

All these health benefits and more you will get when you take CBD in the form of the CBD beverage enhancer.

Enjoy it now

The beverage enhancer starts working almost immediately. It goes into your body system in liquid form which makes it faster to ingest. The body absorbs it quickly and you can begin to enjoy all the amazing benefits of the beverage enhancer instantly.

Sugar and Calories free

The beverage enhancer is free from sugar. Too much sugar has many dangerous effects on the health. The beverage enhancer will no add to the sugar level already in drinks and beverage. It is also free from calories. CBD Beverage enhancer is purely natural, healthy and whole. You will have nothing to worry about. It is unlike energy drinks and energy boosters that add sugar and calories that end up hurting the body


The CBD Beverage Enhancer is free from high THC concentration. When you take it, be rest assured that you won’t get high or get addicted. The enhancer is made from industrial hemp plants with low THC levels and high concentration of CBD, the health giving property of the hemp plant.

How to use the CBD Beverage Enhancer


Buy quality beverage enhancer

The first step to full enjoyment of the CBD beverage enhancer is to buy a high quality product from a high quality producer of CBD products. When you purchase from a high quality brand, you get to enjoy all the benefits of the beverage enhancer for a long period of

Add a one second squeeze to your beverage

Don’t add too much of the enhancer at once. It does not need to be much for it to work effectively. Add a one second squeeze of the CBD beverage enhancer to your favorite drinks and beverages or just to water. Enjoy the full scope of delight that comes with the enhancer.

Ensure it mixes well

Ensure that the beverage enhancer mixes well with the beverage, drink or water for maximum performance. Mixing it will lead to an even spread which will make hasten the absorption of the CBD into the body system.

Use third party lab tested enhancer

One way to ensure that you are using quality CBD beverage enhancer is to look for products with third party test. A third party lab test gives you greater assurance of the quality of the enhancer.

The CBD Beverage enhancer does not have contraindications. It works perfectly well with all kinds of drinks and beverages. Just use it as directed by the producer and you will not need to worry about anything. The enhancer does not have any side effects unlike narcotics. It is purely natural and aligns with the cannabinoid system in the body. There are no known side effects or contraindications.

Moreso, the CBD beverage enhancer is legal in all the 50 states of the United States. You will never need to worry about breaking federal or state law. You are covered.

When to use the CBD Beverage Enhancer


In the morning

Use the CBD beverage enhancer to begin your day. It will provide you with enough strength and energy for the day’s labor. Don’t wait to feel tired and exhausted before using the beverage enhancer.

In the night

After the stress of the day, use the beverage enhancer to relax your muscles and subdue your pain so you can enjoy a good night rest. The refreshing experience is just like a massage.

Middle of the day

When you feel exhausted during the day and you are not sure you can continue with your work productively, use the beverage enhancer. Pour a one second squeeze into your favorite beverage and drinks and enjoy a refreshing experience. You will get the strength and energy to continue.

Before a workout

Boost your energy level before your workout sessions. Use beverage enhancer to keep you in an optimum condition before your workout sessions

After a workout

Use the beverage enhancer for relaxation after the workout session. It will stretch your muscles, refresh your bones and put your body back into an optimum state. There is no better way to end your workout and get ready for the other activities of the day.

When you feel dehydrated

Instead of just drinking water when you are dehydrated, add the beverage enhancer to keep you hydrated for a longer period of time.

When feeling sick

When you are feeling sick or experiencing the symptoms of diseases that are treatable by the CBD oil, use the beverage enhancer. Add it to any liquid soluble substance and drink it. It will help restore your health.

As a health regimen

Don’t wait till you get sick. Take the CBD Beverage Enhancer as an overall promotion of health and wellness. Constant use of the enhancer will improve your health in all areas.

Where to buy the CBD Beverage Enhancer

Earth E CBD is a premier CBD company producing and supplying different CBD products. We ensure that every CBD product that comes from our stores is of the highest quality. We don’t just sell CBD products; it is a passion for us. We put the best of our efforts and energy into every product we make to ensure they are of the highest quality and will promote the health and wellness of our esteemed customers.

It is the same efforts that have gone into our CBD beverage enhancer. The enhancer has been produced under the best industry and quality standards. Our quality control process is detailed and transparent. To further give you confidence in the beverage enhancer, we have tested them with third party labs and they have been approved as ready for the market.

When you buy the CBD Beverage Enhancer from us, you are buying a quality product that will serve you well. Our business has been designed to give you the best experience and every member of this company works hard to give you the unique experience.

Order for your CBD beverage enhancer and begin a journey into health and wellness.