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CBD Is Only Part Of The Answer

CBD Is Not A Cure-All But A Useful Component Of A Complete Regimen

CBD should be a component of a healthy daily regime if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, or sort of muscle or joint pain.  Other components of your daily regimen should be becoming more Mindful, developing a healthy diet, getting enough rest and exercise.

Diagram of the Eightfold Path

Many people do not understand what Mindfulness is.  Below is a general introduction to it.  If you Google Mindfulness or search for it on YouTube you will find an incredible amount of information to help you.  The process is very simple, and it does work in addressing stress, anxiety, and associated sleep disorders.

EarthE CBD for Mindfulness

Cannabidiol (CBD), is taking the world by storm thanks to its many therapeutic and medicinal applications. This is common knowledge to many of you but for those of you new to EarthE CBD, we offer an all-natural product selection widely believed to help reduce anxiety, enhance relaxation, and aid in getting a good night’s sleep.

Being Mindful means focusing one's awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique.  To deal with stress and anxiety one needs to understand the techniques to recover from these negative states of mind.  Becoming Mindful can be as easy as just taking a few minutes throughout the day finding a quiet place, closing your eyes, and just focusing on your breathing.

CBD isn’t a drug, and it won’t alter your perception. What using CBD oil for Mindfulness can do is help you achieve a calmer and clearer mind more easily. 



There are two primary obstacles to successful Mindfulness.

The first is drowsiness.

It makes sense, right? When we’re tired, our minds wander more freely. Being mindful requires a special type of focus and this becomes more difficult the drowsier a person is. It is something that happens to everyone, but it’s not conducive to reducing stress or anxiety.

CBD has been shown to increase alertness and focus when taken in low doses. It isn’t a stimulant (caffeine is much more powerful and mind-altering than CBD), and you won’t get the jitters. It simply allows you to focus a little more.


The second obstacle of being Mindful is worry.

Worry is expressed in multiple ways. We all know how intrusive worries can be when we’re trying to cultivate a Mindful state. But there are other worries that are even more detrimental than those related to paying rent and arguing with your significant other.

What we’re talking about is doubt.

Thinking you’re doing it wrong, that everyone else is “getting it right”, that you’re not feeling what you’re supposed to—all of these thoughts are poison to your peace of mind.

EarthE CBD can help to reduce the occurrence of worry and doubt, as it has been shown to help anxiety. Worry and doubt are symptoms of anxiety that you don’t need to suffer from.

Sometimes life is tough and our insecurities can invade our mindful space. Using EarthE CBD for Mindfulness can help keep your practice free from doubt and worry.



Some intrusive thoughts are worries, and others are just due to your mind wandering. We all know how it feels to have a song or a scene from a movie stuck in our heads. No matter how many times you try to not think of it, it just keeps popping up!

This lack of control can make trying to achieve Mindfulness very frustrating, but EarthE CBD can help.

Studies have shown that CBD can help calm overactivity in the brain which may contribute to intrusive thoughts.

There is no claim here CBD cures any of the above but the explosion of the use of CBD would validate that it helps.


You may not have guessed that worry and drowsiness were the biggest obstacles to Mindfulness practice, but there’s one issue that everyone complains about pain!

Whether it’s muscle pain, joint pain, or arthritis, pain can keep you from finding clarity and act as a deterrent to becoming Mindful.

Many studies have suggested that CBD is effective for pain management.

Some use EarthE CBD for chronic pain, but it’s equally popular for localized pain in muscles and joints. If you have trouble with muscle or joint pain, apply an EarthE CBD topical cream. 


CBD extracted from organic hemp is 100 percent natural and gentle on your system. It is not an intoxicant, but a natural, plant-based supplement. 

Keep in mind, that you should always consult with your doctor before taking any new supplement or vitamin, especially if you’re currently on medication.

Take EarthE CBD for aiding in reducing stress and anxiety (achieving Mindfulness).