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Game Time Gummies


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Benefits of CBD Gummy for Gamer

Designed to Improve Focus and Mental Fortitude

It is not enough to simply taste CBD game time gummies and reflect on its flavor. Chewing gum in the middle of a game is known to increase brain activity, an activity that helps boost blood flow to the brain. This also helps to increase concentration, focus and alertness.

Invigorating Flavors for video Game Players

Gametime gummies for gamers comes in different invigorating flavors. Chewing gummies are known to help improve blood pressure and heart rate. Now with infused terpenes, you can revitalize yourself with energy-boosting and stress-reducing terpene flavors to keep your nerves calm while playing high-tempo video games.

Enhance Alertness, Reflex, and Reaction Time

A pack of gum with a moderate hardness helps increase blood flow to the brain cortex than a chewing gum whose texture is way too soft or too hard. That’s why Earth E CBD gaming chewing gum keeps you on your toes by boosting your memory alertness, reaction time, and reflexes.

Are You a Die-Hard Video Game Player?

The good news is that the CBD industry is getting more creative with terpenes. And this time, EarthE had decided to creatively infuse CBD and terpenes into gametime gummies, a special delight for video game players and gaming fans.

At EarthE CBD, we follow due scientific process to isolate and extract unique terpenes and cannabidiol from organic hemp plants. Then, we redefine the terpene component to the exact amount and best purpose we want it to serve. Our expert team of food scientists and advanced nutritionists then blend complimentary terpenes based on knowledge of their effects and composition. This way, we’re able to boost and engineer the desired therapeutic benefits of the CBD-infused gamer’s gum.