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THC O CBD Flower

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( Hybrid )
150 MG/G CBD | 70 MG/G THC-O | 20 MG/G CBN

Lineage:  Wookies x F1
Flavor Profile:
Cinnamon, Chamomile and Sweet
Relief, Relax and Calm

Cannabinoids Profile & Potency Level:
15.6% CBDA
7% THC-O ( 70 MG per gram )
1% CBN ( 10 MG per gram )
0.272% Total THC ( Legal Limit is 0.3% )
No Detectable Delta-9 THC ( Legal Limit is .03% )

Harlequin ( Sativa Leaning Hybrid )
130 MG/G CBD | 70 MG/G THC-O
Lineage: Colombian Gold x Thai
Flavor Profile: Spice, Sweet and Wood
Energy, Focus and Creative

Cannabinoids Profile & Potency Level:
13.9% CBDA
7% THC-O ( 70 MG per gram )
0.274% Total THC ( Legal Limit is 0.3% )
No Detectable Delta-9 THC ( Legal Limit is .03% )

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Benefits of THC-O in Health and Wellness

In the 1940s, when the US Military studied the effects of THC-O on dogs' muscle synchronization, little did they know that it would become a game-changer in human health and wellness today.

The benefits of THC-O cannot be overemphasized. THC-O proves to be twice more potent than Delta 9 and Delta-8 THC. And in Fact, it's more powerful than other cannabinoid compounds, including the popular THC!

Relief from Pain, Aches, and Anxiety

In general, cannabinoids are known to offer relief from pains and discomfort, due to their effect on CB1 receptors that reduce inflammatory and neuropathic pain sensitivity levels. THC-O products are not an exception. Upon usage, it momentarily delinks your brain from pain signals while helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Enhances Introspection

When you’re sober, your thoughts seem to be rigid and have a repetitive pattern. However, THC-O may trigger changes in how the human brain thinks, works, and processes info. Users of THC-O report that it helps them get a bird-eye view of their mind, and thought patterns while pointing directions to areas that need positive change.

Boosts Inspiration and Creativity

Are you a writer or artist that’s stuck in a mental state of a creative rut? A little dose of THC-O can help get your creative juice flowing as soon as its effect kicks in. It helps change your perspective, shuts out mental stress and fatigue, and opens up your creative eyes so you can see things from different viewpoints.

You’ll not only feel better inspired, but this also goes a long way in boosting your confidence and problem-solving skill. So, you can use THC-O to add an extra touch of creativity while writing, painting, or doing anything you’d like to high results from.

Enhances Psychedelic Feeling and Spiritual Experience

Feeling down and depressed? THC-O acetate is loaded with feel-good effects that can slightly alter your mood, giving room for different thought patterns that you do not experience when you’re sober. This helps finetune how you feel and expand your concept of reality.

Do you have anxiety issues? Or, you can’t keep calm and concentrate during meditations? The right dosage of THC-O helps put your body, mind, and soul in one rhythm. THC O acetate works with your endocannabinoid system and connects you to a level of consciousness and spirituality where yoga and meditation are even more enjoyable.

How to consume THC-O?

You can consume your THC-O in tincture drops, vape cartridges, or edibles. It usually takes between 20-30 minutes before you’ll start noticing its effects. Now, let’s talk about how to buy THC-O online near me.