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According to a news provided by financialbuzz.com in November 2019, the CBD industry has continued to experience tremendous growth in application, popularity and in the number of people who are using CBD Oil products as remedy for one ailment or the other. With the dawn of each day, thousands and millions of people are becoming more aware of the health benefits of CBD and why it is gaining upper hands in treating various health conditions.

Despite that fact that CBD doesn’t make people high, people are becoming more curious about why people love CBD and its wide-spread benefits. These questions are necessary for them to gain knowledge of the maximum benefit that can be derived from using these products or whether it has negative side effects or not.

One such question is how long it takes for CBD oil to start to work in the body system. Related to that question is how much dosage to take. A final question is how long the effects of the CBD last in the body system.

Why CBD Oil works

Such questions are asked because CBD oil is actually working. The reason why there is massive interest in how it works means it works. CBD oil and related products work because it contains elements and content that help to improve the system without any negative effects.

The CBD nutrients help to improve the level of the endocannabinoid in the body. The nutrients are distributed to the body through the endocannabinoid system and their receptors work together with the receptors of the body to the benefits of the body.

Closely related to cannabinoid is THC which contains similar elements but have psychoactive and euphoric effects. Cannabinoid works because it contains the same elements as the THC without the psychoactive and the euphoric effects.

CBD is maximum gain at minimum cost to the health (physical, mental and emotional)

What CBD Oil Works for

A detailed article on this blog throws more light on why CBD help humans in remedying a number of ailments. Some of these diseases include anxiety, stress, body pain, insomnia, skin irritation, high blood pressure, and even more chronic diseases like Parkinson, cancer, heart diseases and arthritis.

Different articles have been written on how CBD oil and related products have provided relief and succor to the sufferers of these many diseases.

The therapeutic effects of the CBD oil have been one major cause of interest in the product and the massive growth of the industry.

How long it takes for CBD to Work

Now back to the questions at the onset. How long does it take before those who suffer from these symptoms feel the effect of the CBD oil?

In essence, what we are asking is how long does it take for the body to absorb the CBD oil and related products and begin to fight the diseases of the sufferer?

In Popsugar’s interview with Josh Kaplan, a neuroscientist and cannabis expert, it was revealed that CBD starts working a few minutes after it’s being administered sublingually. The rate of absorption of CBD into the body stream will determine how soon the effects of the CBD oil will be felt in the body.

However, the rate of absorption depends on many various factors. There is no one size fits all delineation by which we can decide the rate of absorption. Some of these factors relate to the CBD product itself, some factors relate to the uniqueness of the person taking the CBD, some relate to the nature of the symptoms while other factors relate to the methods of ingesting the CBD.

The Factors that determine the length of absorption

As stated above, there are many factors that will determine how long before the effects of CBD oil in its various forms begin to manifest.

We will take a look at those factors in turn.

Factor #1: The Method of taking the CBD oil

There are different methods of taking CBD oil. Each of the methods have varied absorption rate. That is, the method used is an important factor that will determine how long it takes before you begin to feel the effect of the CBD oil. The popular methods and the rate of absorption are explained below.

CBD Vaping

Vaping is one of the common methods of ingesting CBD.

Vaping is done through the CBD Juul pods or the different types of CBD vape pens.

Vaping takes the CBD oil directly to the body system through the lungs. Therefore, the CBD oil is absorbed instantly into the body system and the effects can be felt immediately.

The Sublingual Method

The sublingual method is when CBD oil is used as a drop. The oil is dropped directly under the tongue where it is ingested through the mucous membrane or inside a drink.

With the sublingual method, the CBD oil can be absorbed into the body in 20-40 minutes.


Other people prefer to take the CBD oil as food edibles. These can be supplements that are mixed together with food or gel tablets that can be taken directly like medicine.

This method is often preferred by those who don’t want the direct taste of the CBD oil.

The absorption rate even with this method depends. For example, if taken on empty stomach, absorption can occur within 20 minutes. On the other hand, if it is not taken on an empty stomach, it might take anywhere between an hour and 2 hours depending on other factors like the person’s digestive system.

Topical Method

The topical method often involves the external application of CBD oil as lotions, balm, creams and body ointments.

The topical method is preferred for certain types of diseases because it has anti-inflammation effects.

With the topical method, absorption is very slow and can take between 1-2 hours before the effect is felt.

Factor #2: CBD Type and quality

The type of CBD and the quality of CBD that is used also determines the rate of absorption.


CBD differs in size. Smaller CBD particles have faster rate of absorption compared to larger CBD particles.

Also, CBD oil with high concentration of cannabinoid will have faster absorption rate than the one with low concentration.


The quality of the CBD will also affect the bioavailability rate.

The difference in quality can be affected by factors like the extraction method, the company making the product, presence or absence of third-party testing, where the hemp is grown, among others.

CBD that is extracted without chemicals, grown in certified farms with third party testing by reputable companies will be of greater quality than the one extracted with chemicals in non-certified farms, no third part testing and a company that is just in it for the money.

Better quality CBD means faster absorption rate and the effects will manifest quicker than lower quality CBD

Factor #3: Body Type

There are also differences in body type which will affect the rate of absorption and digestion as the case may be.

Body type includes differences in body weight and body metabolism.

Body metabolism

The metabolic rate of a person will determine how fast or slow CBD oil in its different forms will be absorbed.

A person with a high metabolic rate will experience faster absorption compared to a person with a low metabolic rate

Body weight

People with bigger body weight will tend to have longer absorption rate (other factors held constant) while people with smaller weight will tend to have lower absorption rate.

What about dosage?

Another question that relates to absorption rate is the question of dosage. How much should I take since CBD products are not sold with any defined dosage guideline?

It has been advised by experts that you should start with a small dosage and then increase or decrease the dosage based on the noticeable effects.

The dosage you should use will depend again on body type and the method of taking the CBD oil. Body type issues like body weight, tolerance level and metabolism should inform decisions on dosage.

After deciding on a dosage, notice how it works. If there are no noticeable effects, there can be a gradual increase of the dosage. If there are any negative effects (like sedation and fatigue), there might be a need for reduction in the dosage.

The dosage you take is also an important factor that determines absorbability. Dosages will also vary depending on the diseases you are treating or if it is just for general upkeep of health.

How long the effects of CBD last in the body

One related question is how long the effects of CBD oil last in the body stream after it has been absorbed into the body?

Like the rate of absorption, this also varies based on the method of ingestion. Basically, the following timeframe applies to the different methods:

  • Vaping: Effect will last for some few hours
  • Sublingual method: Effect will last from between four hours to six hours
  • Edibles: Effect will last for few hours
  • Topical treatment: Effect will last for five hours

Earth E CBD to the rescue again

One of the keys to high absorbability is the type and quality of the CBD that is produced.

It is for this reason that Earth E CBD comes to the rescue again. At Earth E CBD, we ensure that every CBD oil and related products we make are produced with the highest standards of quality and industry best practices.

We value your health and we are dedicated to producing the best CBD products so that you can enjoy the best of health with high-quality products.


The CBD industry will continue to expand and grow. Questions about how its functions will continue to be asked as more people get on the queue.

CBD absorption rate depends on many factors like the type and quality of the CBD oil, the method of absorption and body type. The dosage to be used also varies based on body type, nature of the disease treated and the method of ingestion.

In the same manner, the length of time that the absorbed CBD oil last in the body stream will also depend on the method of ingestion.

Get quality CBD products from Earth E CBD and follow the necessary guidelines to get the maximum effect from CBD oil. Your health is your best investment!