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EarthE CBD talked to me about using the CBD products for sleep and anxiety. Scott was extremely helpful, explaining how the product worked and what dosage to take. Haven’t had a bad night of sleep since. Very satisfied with EarthE CBD.

Danny S.

Brick, NJ

The customer service is amazing and the prices are unbeatable! EarthE CBD products have been a God send for my anxiety and I highly recommend them!

Jessica L.

Brick, NJ

I wanna give huge thanks to EarthE CBD. For the last 7 months, CBD’s have been saving my life! Very excited and grateful to be working with you guys!

Cara Y.

Denver, CO

Came in to get CBD capsules for my dad, who has Parkinsons disease. He is having great results. His tremors are decreased and is feeling great.

Anthony V.

Millburn, NJ

Thanks EarthE CBD! Very relaxing and calming. Will buy again for sure and it helped with my sleep.

Mike R.

Pt. Pleasant, NJ

I came to EarthE CBD because I heard they could help me with my anxiety. They recommended the froggies and 25mg capsules. In just a few weeks, I am now stress free and able to enjoy life every day!

Aaron H.

Long Island, NY

Love EarthE CBD!! The capsules help me with my Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I can also sleep again. Thank You.

Lynn I.

Howell, NJ

My anxiety is under control and I sleep through the night. I use the Gummie Frogs and I do not wake up nearly as much as I use to.

Ellen C.

Brick, NJ

I take the CBD capsules. I noticed the difference after 4-5 days that I fall asleep faster, stay asleep and wake up better rested.

Darryl U.

Lakewood, NJ

I tried the tea at night. It was a very pleasant experience and helped me relax.

Margaret S.

Beachwood, NJ

I have really bad anxiety and OCD. Getting through a normal day is difficult. One gummie frog in the morning and one gummie frog in the afternoon gets me through the day generally stress-free. When I was on prescription medication I suffered from headaches and muscle aches. I now also have a greatly improved sleep.

Pete G.

Wall Twp, NJ

I started vaping EarthE CBD for headaches. I have noticed great improvements. It also helps with sleep, I highly recommend it to anyone.

Keith H.

Wall Twp, NJ

EarthE CBD is a really good product! I started using the gummies and lollipops a few months ago to try and help with my anxiety and restless sleeping. Both products have helped me being able to sleep all through out the night more peacefully without waking up everyone and also have not been as anxious as well! I get a good nights sleep when using the CBD products.

Michelle R.

Lakehurst, NJ

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