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Legal THC Cookies $19.99

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THC Cookies Product


This is a golden opportunity for you to pamper your taste buds with delicious, oven-fresh THC cookies from EarthE CBD. We love these cookies since they are shelf-stable and made from super-clean ingredients. Enjoy the bite of delight, a boost in your relaxation, and mental wellness with EarthE CBD’s THC cookies. 


Introducing THC Cookies for Leisure Snacking, Relaxation, and Stress Management

At EarthE CBD, we fell in love with these tasty cannabis cookies, and we thought they were too good to be eaten alone. That’s why we are sharing these THC cookies with you so you can enjoy all the goodness of medical marijuana - all in one cookie. They’re love at first bite!


Non-GMO, pure, and premium THC brownie

Made from sustainably-sourced cocoa and organically grown hemp

Manufactured and packaged in a controlled lab environment here in the USA

Third-party tested for quality, safety, and potency

Made with all-natural ingredients and FDA-approved 


THC Cookies: What’s in it for You?

Each 500 mg cannabis cookie is wrapped in a convenient, on-the-go package. Your love for snacks has just got deeper and stronger with cannabis cookies. THC cookies hit differently when infused with THC. Here’s why. Eating THC cookies is a cool way to enjoy THC's benefits without smoking or vaping.


Benefits of THC Cookies

Revitalize Your Energy

For cannabis fans who also have a soft spot for snacking, THC cookies laced with full-spectrum THC are here to blow your mind out of the park. Eat these when you’re bored and low on morale. Munch these when you’re stressed out - and need something reinvigorating. You can’t get enough of cannabis cookies from EarthE CBD.

Work up Your Appetite and Cravings for Food

When nausea or several other conditions make you lose appetite, chew THC cookies as a dessert or snack to build up a strong craving for food. Enjoy the bite of delight, a boost in your appetite, and wellness with EarthE CBD’s THC cookies.

Boost Focus and Concentration

Do you have a short attention span and lose concentration? A pack of THC cookies from EarthE CBD is delicious and comes with moderate hardness. When you chew these, it not only increases blood flow to your brain cortex but also connects with CB1 receptors to boost cognitive thinking. This helps to keep your memory alert, stay focused, and concentrate on the job at hand.

Mood Regulation for Stress and Anxiety

When you’re overthinking and stressing over what the future holds, unwrap these cookies and just chew away. THC cookies from EarthE CBD contain mood-regulating THC which can connect with your CB1 receptors to improve your mood. Your brain can think deeper and better when you’re less anxious. So why not chew some THC cookies to calm your mind and silence the noise in your head?


Fun Fact: THC Cookies Have a Long-Lasting Shelf Life 

When added to cookies, THC and other hemp properties help prolong the shelf life value of the product. Rest assured that your cannabis cookies are naturally preserved and won't go bad anytime soon. It just stays fresh, delicious, and crunchy.

What’s more? Buy THC marijuana cookies online or near me now.


Please note that munching THC cookies or cannabis cookies may lead to a failed drug test. Recommended for adults over 21 years, cannabis cookies are highly potent and psychoactive so keep them out of reach of children. Avoid eating marijuana edibles if you’re pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or operating heavy machinery. Keep this product away from heat, light, and humidity.

Easy Consumption

Simply munching cannabis edibles, one cookie at a time - makes consumption easy. Plus, you get a good chance to pamper your taste bud while you savor every bit of its lasting delightful taste and relaxing effect.  

How it Works

Generally, the onset time of edibles depends on where bioavailability takes place and the product’s active ingredients. But when you eat cannabis cookies that you buy online or near me, you can expect its euphoric effect to kick in within the first 30 to 60 minutes. However, it could be faster if the THC concentration is high. How long do its effects last in the body? THC cookies usually last between six to eight hours and peak their effect at around three hours. So, you get more high time than smoking cannabis could offer. 

Unlike THC vaping or smoke that goes through the lungs, THC cookies digest in your digestive tract, and the bloodstream carries its active ingredients to your liver for metabolism. When your liver metabolizes the active ingredients, it sends them to your brain via the bloodstream again. It is then you start to notice the THC effects on your body.

Buy THC Brownies Online and Near Me at EarthE CBD

A large producer and distributor of CBD products online and near me, EarthE CBD is on a big mission. Since 2017, EarthE CBD has been producing high-quality, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and THC products. Our mission is to help people live better lives and enjoy optimum wellness through the power of marijuana. 

Now, EarthE CBD is delivering on its promises by creating a new line of delicious, oven-fresh THC cookies, and a host of other marijuana edibles. Buy a pack for yourself, and remember to share some cookies with your friends and colleagues. Strictly for people above 21 years.

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