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Our Story


Our motivation comes largely from the fact that millions of Americans rely on legal cannabis products for optimum body functioning daily. 

Some members of our company have been diagnosed with multiple health issues in the past, hence, the unearthing of organic CBD as the source of help to different kinds of ailments and health conditions.

EarthE CBD products are trusted by holistic health specialists, medical practitioners, and wellness-conscious people. 

Our all-natural CBD products are made from the purest and finest of hemp plants whilst honoring strict growing standards so patients can truly benefit from high-quality, herbal CBD. 

We cap it all off with 20 years of expertise as food science chemists. We run thorough, independent, and precise third-party lab testing on all batches of CBD products that we dispense. We influence a world of organic, herbal medicine that’s effective, safe, and inexpensive.




EarthE CBD Is On A Mission


Because we’ve been there, we want to give others the opportunity to explore top-of-the-line health products with regard for environmental sustainability and optimal human health. Our ultimate goal is to give others the opportunity to explore top-of-the-line healthful products. Through medical cannabis and CBD products, we believe our people and our planet deserve a sustainable and rejuvenated lifestyle. . 

Our Vision


We envision a not-too-distant future where herbal remedies and medical marijuana will become a cornerstone of wellness. A period where CBD hemp products are vital in a wellness regimen and cannabinoids will become fundamental in treating a chockfull of debilitating and harmful conditions. The future is here! . 

There’s Something for Everyone


We provide highest quality CBD and Legal Full Spectrum THC in different strains. CBD edibles, tincture drops, CBD Capsules, CBD creams & lotion, CBD gel capsules, CBD salve. Browse through our curated selection of rich CBD products and find the right strain for your wellness needs.

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