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Delta 8 THC CBD Flower $19.99 - $34.99

  • Made In The USA
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Most Effective
  • Best Priced
  • Highest Purity

DELTA 8 THC has been gaining traction as a milder version of delta-9 THC, just without all of the psychoactive qualities.


Paradise OG - 50/50 Hybrid ( Energy, and Focus )

200 MG/G CBD | 80 MG/G Δ8 THC

Laboratory Testing:  Delta 8 THC Flower Paradise 

Citron Kush - Indica Dominant Hybrid (Calmness )

220 MG/G CBD | 80 MG/G Δ8 THC

Laboratory Testing:  Delta 8 THC Flower Citron Kush 

G13 Haze - Sativa Dominant( Stiffness and Sore Aches )

240 MG/G CBD | 80 MG/G Δ8 THC

Laboratory Testing:  Delta 8 THC Flower G13 Haze 

Gelato - Indica ( Chill and Relax)
180 MG/G CBD | 80 MG/G Δ8 THC

Laboratory Testing:  Delta 8 THC Flower Gelato


Buy Delta 8 THC Flower Online

All hand-picked and trimmed.  The buds are called "Small"  which indicated the very top of the Hemp Plant.  This is where the highest concentration of CBD is found.

This is an indoor-grown hemp flower.


The Therapeutic Benefits of Delta 8 THC Include


Antiemetic (anti-nausea)

Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)

Orexigenic (appetite stimulant)

Analgesic (anti-pain)

Neuroprotective (protects the brain)


According to the National Cancer Institute, Delta 8 THC can bind to the CB1 receptor throughout the body. These receptors are part of our endocannabinoid system, which helps our body regulate and maintain homeostasis. “Homeostasis” is just fancy lingo for complete balance throughout the body. 


Delta 8 exhibits a lower psychotropic potency than Delta 9 THC, so it doesn’t bind to the receptor as well. This helps it demonstrate a variety of properties that present as powerful benefits, Including:


Neuroprotective properties for a healthier brain

Some research also suggests that Delta 8 THC could help people produce Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter is responsible for memory, cognition, neuroplasticity, and arousal. 


Has been shown to stimulate appetite

In 2004, researchers analyzed Delta 8’s effect on appetite control. They concluded with the trial, noting that even low doses of Delta 8 stimulated an increase in food intake.


May reduce antiemetic effects

We know based on the 1995 study that Delta 8 appears to have no negative side effects while aiding in eliminating nausea. 


Analgesic properties – Possible aid in reducing which means less pain overall

Everyone experiences pain differently, and at different degrees, but researchers have observed Delta 8’s ability to help relieve some of that pain. Having analgesic properties means it can relieve pain to some degree.

Particularly, those with neuropathic and inflammatory pain may benefit the most, but those with other types of pain may benefit, too.


Fewer anxiety symptoms with its anxiolytic effects

Delta 8 binds to the CB1 receptors throughout the body. In fact, some researchers have observed it connecting to the CB2 receptors, too. Its ability to bind is what helps the cannabinoid convince the body to better regulate pain and anxiety.

The anxiolytic properties it produces helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and allow a wave of relaxation to wash over you.


A Little Delta 8 THC Goes a Long Way

Delta 8 THC is very effective— even in small doses. Therefore, we recommend that you experiment with low amounts to find the perfect dosage.

Additionally, Delta 8 THC is a stable molecule. As long as it is stored properly, the shelf life can be months.


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