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Quarantine Life: 10 Tips for Health, Fitness and Beauty

Health and Beauty are one of the main concerns in this Quarantine Summer, we have gotten past the stage of over indulgence and people are starting to pull their life together. However, self motivation is hard when you are new to the Health, Beauty and Fitness Lifestyle. There are multiple issues that are encountered when you try to become consistent with your routine, your fitness and your regime for beauty.

This issue can have many roots, one of the biggest being Procrastination caused by distractions. Another issue is insecurity and mental health and the last reason is the misinformation and lack of knowledge on these things caused by Social Medias.

If you are a Procrastinator, all you have to do is try and make yourself do what you set your goal for, for 5 minutes. These 5 minutes alone will help you leaps and bounds. However, remember that you need to be your own boss; No teacher, parent or guardian will help you in your routine set-up. It’s important to become independent by yourself instead of requiring help for a balanced life style.

Fitness Tips:

  1. Quarantine has made us all a little bit flabby. Everyone’s new hobby is cooking and eating, which has caused some width in all of us. Now you maybe lead to believe that doing one set of one exercise speckled across the day will help you lose fat. That is complete BS, you need to do some extensive exercise and it will hurt for the first week but afterwards the feeling is unmatched. You can download any fitness app and start on the easy setting.
  2. Regulate your eating habits; make sure to reduce your sugar intake. If you become conscious of it, you will start to reduce it. The idea of being unhealthy in a “that’s just me” situation is self destructive. This behaviour stems from wanting to be the funny person, however being funny or giving up own your own health is not something you should go for in the long term.
  3. Routine doesn’t help if you are not waking up for some obligation, so instead of putting a strict routine on yourself from the start, go for something like “I have to exercise at least once a day”, this way you will be conscious of it. You can add a note to a place where your eyes will do to remind you to exercise and not having a set time allows you to feel more guilty than thinking “Ah, I missed it today, I’ll do it tomorrow”
  4. Any progress is good progress. Even if you miss a few days but continue to exercise, there is nothing to be ashamed of because you are doing great. If your body hurts, it’s best to use bath bombs that include oils as that will help you sooth your body from the pain of exercise.

Beauty Tips:

  1. Since we are not leaving the home, many people have neglected skincare as well as body care. You skin has probably gotten extremely dry or horrendously oily by now. This can either cause cracks due to dryness or pimples due to oiliness. It’s best to get yourself a good face wash and in the very least a SPF face cream. Don’t ever pick anything that says Anti-aging, because in the long run, when your friends look 50, you will look 70.
  2. Body care is also necessary and this includes Bath Bombs, Essential oils, scrubs and other body products. If you are going to DIY, first check what skin type you have and if the ingredients of the DIY will help you. On the other hand, bath bombs and Bath Fizz products are probably going to be cheaper and higher in quality if you just buy them from any website, even luxury bath bombs on EarthE CBD will cost you less than a DIY.
  3. Due to unbalanced diet, the body and face can take an extreme hit, it can cause issues with the skin, make you break out. If your skin is becoming more oily or dry, it can also be attributed to intake of unnecessary foods. Some food cravings, even the weird ones are normally attributed to lack of nutrition, which is true, however not fully. If you are biting your nails, you need calcium. However, if you are craving cheese, that is because it is addictive. Know the difference between addiction and nutrition.

Health Tips

  1. The most important thing you need to know is that when your stomach starts to burn up or you feel like there is a weird heat in your body, it is because of your food intake of proteins and fried foods. This can be a short term relief, however drink a full glass of water with only a teaspoon of milk and a pinch of salt. Including more salt helps you drink the concoction easier, however it does make you feel a lot better only after a few minutes regardless of its weirdness. If you feel better but not fully healthy… seriously, how much protein did you intake? (Also this list does include other things than proteins, it includes dates and mangoes too) If you are in a colder climate this has a less chance of affecting you, but be careful.  A Pakistani friend suggested this tip and it has been working wonders.
  2. IF you are taking in a lot of fried products, honestly try switching to Air fryers because they take off a ton of calories and food actually cooks better and easier in those things. You don’t need one that is too expensive; just buy a cheaper one, although it should be easy to clean because otherwise it can be an issue.
  3. Last tip of the day, this maybe an old one but try letting go of sugar intake only for ONE WEEK. This will improve your health in leaps and bounds; you will start to feel weird after too much sugar intake afterwards, which is the goal. Your body will start feeling less tired and more energized
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