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CBD Male Enhancement Pills $11.99 - $99.99


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CBD Male Enhancement Pills Testing



This is a revolutionary product from EarthE CBD that can help bring your A-game to the bedroom. THC-CBD male enhancement pills for erectile dysfunction are formulated to help boost your libido and last looong in bed!


25 mg and 50 mg, 30 pieces per jar of CBD capsules

All-natural and gluten-free

Planted, manufactured in the USA

Packaged in soft gels for bioavailability


Boosted with THC, CBD male enhancement pill by EarthE CBD is a sex enhancement capsule that’s made from hemp, all-natural terpenes, and aphrodisiacs. Not only does it improve your libido, but it also helps to keep you calm while boosting your confidence when it’s time to do the do!


CBD Effect

CBD works for inflammation, pain, convulsions, sleep deprivation, anxiety, stress management, and lots more.


THC Effect

THC works for deep relaxation, psychoactive high, concentration, stress and pain management, and more.


For those suffering from low sex drive or premature ejaculation, EarthE CBD is introducing THC and CBD sex enhancement capsules for easy oral ingestion. No smoke or vaping is required. No flavors, no colors, and no fillers. Just pure, natural THC and CBD in soft gel capsules for anxiety relief, sex arousal, boosting libido and sustaining firm erection.


What’s in it for you?

CBD-THC male enhancement pills are formed from cannabis extract and natural aphrodisiacs that increase blood flow to the phallic region. Sealed for your protection, each jar contains 30 capsules with strengths of 25mg and 50mg CBD. It takes about 1 hour for CBD male enhancement pill to metabolize and take effect.


Do you want to reignite the spark in your sex life? Organic THC CBD sex enhancement pills can take your love life to the next level. Known for its soothing effect, CBD also supports concentration, calmness, and deep relaxation. When combined with psychoactive THC, this male enhancement product gives you a double dose of health benefits in and outside the bedroom.


How THC CBD Male Enhancement Pills Work

A problem that has ruined many love stories, erectile dysfunction is when a man’s penis cannot get an erection that’s strong enough for penetrative sex. This is attributable to a wide variety of causes - anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, malnutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, low confidence, and more. Although, many men often find it difficult to pinpoint the root cause of their erectile dysfunction. The bottom line is erectile dysfunction is a horrible experience that can drive you nuts if you’re its victim.



Buy CBD THC male enhancement pill online and near me from EarthE CBD. When you swallow the soft gels, it absorbs in your body, connect with the receptors of your endocannabinoid system, and releases dopamine to your receptors.



Some benefits of CBD Male Enhancement Pills


Elevate your mood

Psychological stress and erection don’t often get along. This is because the penis is connected to a part of your nervous system. So if you’re down with depression, stress and anxiety, there’s a slight chance you may have difficulty mustering a full erection - and that’s where THC and CBD come in. THC male enhancement capsules will help alleviate anxiety and improve your mood.



More energy to explore

Many people say they feel a new burst of energy after using cannabis products. Others say they love it because cannabis makes them feel adventurous and eager to try new things. Add THC CBD male enhancement pills to your supplement and may have your penis firing from all cylinders.


Enjoy sex better

Do you want to heighten your sex drive and have mind-blowing sex? When you take cannabis products, especially male enhancement CBD pills, you may experience an increased sensitivity to touch and get more sex drive to feel sensual. You may not only derive more sexual pleasure but also achieve orgasm and satisfy your partner.



Now that more states are legalizing cannabis, wellness experts are recommending CBD THC sex enhancement pills, and sex therapists are no exception. Derived from the pure hemp plant and terpenes, rest assured THC CBD male enhancement pill has no side effects when you take what is right for your body. Keep this product away from heat, light, and humidity. Not to be consumed by persons below the required legal age.


Easy to use

Taking pills is the simplest way to ingest CBD, offering you a convenient daily supplement for physical health and psychological wellness. Take one male enhancement pill 1 hour before sex or bedtime, and notice the difference in your mood and penis erection. You can swallow it with water or any drink of your choice other than alcohol.


Buy CBD Male Enhancement Pills Online and Near Me

When you buy CBD sex enhancement pills online or near me, ensure you’re buying from a reputable brand like EarthE CBD. EarthE CBD is big on solving health and wellness conditions and our hemp-derived CBD products and referrals from repeat customers are a true testament that we meet our clients at their points of need.

People recommend our products as alternative remedies for insomnia, appetite loss, anxiety and stress management, and erectile dysfunction, you name it. Feel free to walk into our store or order your cannabis sex enhancement supplement online or near me.


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