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CBD for Cats..the Truth!

The interest in CBD oil and its health potentials has not been limited to humans. We understand much about why and how CBD help humans. We also need an appreciation for how and why CBD help animals.

CBD and Animals

All animals apart from the insects also have an endocannabinoid system. Though different from the one in man, the endocannabinoid system in animals means they can also be benefited from the use of CBD oil.

Animals easily react to THC and so the level of THC must be really low for animals. But all in all, CBD can provide great benefits for animals.

CBD has many potential benefits for pets. In one of our articles, we looked at why you should use CBD oil for your dog. For example, CBD is known to help dogs with the separation anxiety.

But the impact of CBD is not limited to the dogs. CBD also has great and huge benefits for your cats. CBD for cats will lead to many potential gains that all cat owners and lovers must be familiar with.

CBD and cats

The health potentials that CBD possess come from the way it interacts with the human Endocannabinoid system.

The cat has a similar endocannabinoid system to the human’s. Therefore, CBD can interact with cat’s endocannabinoid system to produce amazing health benefits just like it does in humans.

This explains why CBD is tested on rats and mice during the research processes. The similar endocannabinoid system means you can use CBD for cats.

CBD for cats: Prevention

The usefulness of CBD for cats is not just in the cure it can provide for different diseases. CBD can help to keep the cat at maximum health and prevent diseases to begin with.

CBD oil increases the level of serotonin in the body stream. The effect of this is that higher levels of serotonin mean lower risks of stress and anxiety.

Cats can suffer from anxiety and stress just like humans. Anxiety and stress can be made manifest in them in various ways such as separation anxiety, fear of noise, hiding, panting, pacing, or the fear of travelling.

Appropriate dosages of CBD oil can help prevent inordinate stress and anxiety in cats. Stress and anxiety often results from many different causes. A constant application of CBD for cats can forestall such conditions from developing.

CBD can also be used for the prevention of the growth of cancer cells. CBD does it by deactivating some orphan cell receptors in the body. The best CBD oil can help in the prevention of the proliferation and growth of cancer cells in cats.

CBD oil can also be used on the cat’s skin to prevent irritation and other skin condition.

CBD for cats can also reduce inflammation through its interaction with the reuptake inhibitors. Reduced inflammation means better overall health for the cat.

In summary, CBD oil can be used in a preventive way for cats to ensure that they live in optimal health at any point in time.

CBD for cats: Cure

CBD is not only preventive, it is curative.

CBD oil for cats seizures

Exposure to toxins like spray, flea, and shampoos can cause the cervical cortex of the cat to malfunction.

The malfunction of the cervical cortex can cause seizures in the cats. Seizures may be focal or generalized. Common symptoms might include shaking, salivating, excess drooling, shouting, aggression for the former and falling over, violent shaking and twitching for the latter.

CBD oil can be used for the treatment of seizures and epilepsy in cats. CBD oil for cats aggression and CBD oil for cats epilepsy are also similar to CBD oil for cats seizures.

CBD oil for cats with cancer

Apart from the prevention of cancer, CBD oil can also be used for the treatment of cats with cancer cells. You can get the best CBD oil for cats with cancer as a means of treatment in consultation with your Veterinary doctor.

CBD oil for cats with Kidney Disease

Cats with kidney disease can also be helped by the use of CBD oil. Cat owners have understood the benefit of CBD oil for cats with kidney disease.

CBD oil for cats with Arthritis and other pain

Body and joint pain in cats can be treated with the right dosage of CBD oil. By deactivating the orphan cell receptors, CBD oil can help as a treatment for cats with arthritis and other body and joint pain diseases.

CBD oil for nausea and vomiting

CBD oil can also be an effective treatment for the cure of nausea and vomiting that follows many medications and therapies (including chemotherapy).

In summary, CBD can work in cats to cure different kinds of diseases. Apart from the ones named above, CBD oil can also be a treatment for allergies, tumors, energy loss, and depression among others.

CBD for cats: The Process

The first step before using CBD for cats is to be sure of the nature of the cat’s disease.

Just like humans, it is helpful to know the exact cause of the evident symptoms so as to be sure you are treating the right conditions.

Consult with a Veterinary doctor to get the proper diagnosis of the problem.

Consequently, you will decide if CBD oil will be a useful treatment for the cat’s condition.

If CBD oil is a great cure for the particular disease, decide where to buy CBD oil for cats and ensure you use the product (in whatever form) in the right way.

CBD can be used on cats as oil, capsule or tinctures.

CBD for cats: The Caveat

Though humans and cats have similar endocannabinoid system, there is still a need fo some caution when it comes to the application of CBD for cats.

CBD Dosage

The body of a cat is smaller compared to human or even to dog. As a result, this means that they can only process a small dosage of CBD oil.

The dosage of CBD oil given to a cat must be significantly lower than the dosage in humans.

An expert suggests that the dosage for Cat should be between 0.1mg – 0.5 mg per Kg of the Cat’s weight depending on the type of disease. Angie Krause has a full breakdown of CBD dosage guide.

Although there is no long time side effect from overdose, it can cause lethargy and sedation in the cat. Therefore, it is still very useful to pay attention to dosage when deciding on CBD for cats.

THC in Cats

Similarly, when it comes to cats, lower levels of THC are even recommended. If you are using a CBD product that contains some level of THC, ensure that the THC level is even lower than o.o3% for the safety of the cat. The effect of THC in cats tends to be more serious than on humans or dogs.

Custom made CBD for cats

It is advisable to use a custom CBD for cats rather than the one for human or dogs.

CBD made for human may contain some chemicals or sweeteners that might be toxic and inappropriate to the pet. Even CBD made for dogs may be inappropriate for cats.

Therefore, look out for CBD producers that have CBD oil or capsules that have been made specifically for your cat’s health. It is preferred to generic CBD oil.

CBD oil for cats amazon

The problem with CBD oil from Amazon has been documented here. It is the same issue when it comes to CBD oil for cats amazon. Some of the CBD oil that are being sold on Amazon are actually hemp oil which does not offer the same benefits as the CBD oil.

Where to buy CBD oil for cats

Earth E CBD is the home of quality CBD products whether that is CBD oil, capsules or tinctures.  You can check our online store for a collection of CBD products that will help in the overall health and the cure of diseases of your cats.

Animal health is important to us just as human health. We therefore ensure that our products are well adapted to the health and wellness of your animals. Our CBD oil, capsules and tinctures are well adapted for your cats.

They have been made in adherence to the highest quality and industry standards. We ensure we follow all the due process so we can produce high-quality CBD products for human as well as animals.

Wondering where to buy CBD oil for cats? With Earth E CBD, you don’t need to worry again.


CBD does not owe its popularity only to its tremendous benefits for humans but also for its effects on animals.

Animals have a similar Endocannabinoid system to humans. As a result, CBD can help them the same way it help humans.

CBD can help to prevent diseases in cats as well as heal them from various health conditions.

As long as you get the dosage right, ensure a lower level of THC and purchase your custom CBD for cats at the right place, you cats can be on its way to maximum health and wellness.

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