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CBD Full Spectrum Distillate: The Present and the Future of CBD

CBD Full Spectrum Distillate: The Present and the Future of CBD

If you have not caught on to the CBD wave that is all around, you are really missing. But if you have caught up to the wave in the CBD market but have not experienced the power of distillate, you are also missing out on a lot of benefits.

Introducing Oil Barrel TM session distillate. This amazing full spectrum distillate is not just the present, it is the future of distillate and hence, the future of CBD.

So why should you be excited about this distillate? Why should you make it a priority to start using the amazing CBD full-spectrum distillate from Oil Barrel TM?

The Most Potent CBD at your fingertip

With this session distillate, you will get one of the most potent forms of Cannabinoid. Through a standard distillation process, we offer you CBD in its purest and most potent form. Why is this better than your normal CBD Oil? Your normal CBD oil contains other cannabinoids, extracts, compounds, and materials. The more of these other elements present, the less the percentage of CBD present and the less the potency of CBD you enjoy. But with the distillate CBD, these other cannabinoids, extracts, and compounds have been reduced to the barest so you can enjoy a higher percentage of active CBD which means a more potent CBD.

If you know how effective and powerful the traditional CBD is, then this is even more powerful. Have you enjoyed the traditional CBD in times past? This is something grander. With this full spectrum session distillate from Oil Barrel TM, you can enjoy the most potent form of CBD.


Potent and Versatile

But CBD distillate is not just potent, it has amazing versatility. There are many incredible ways you can make use of the CBD distillate. If you prefer to dab it with a dab rig or vaporizer, you are good to go. Alternatively, you can vape them with the use of distillate cartridges and vape pens.

As if that is not good enough, you can also use the CBD distillate to make tropical and other CBD beauty products that you can use on the skin. The CBD distillate can also be used sublingually. If you a cook who cares about healthy food and variety, you can use the CBD hemp distillate as part of your ingredients. Similarly, it is often used as a base ingredient for the production of CBD edibles.

If you are tired of dabbing, you can try vaping. If you are tired of vaping, you can use it sublingually. If you desire something novel, you can use them with your food. Looking for that perfect skin? You can use them topically as a beauty product.

CBD full spectrum distillate from Oil Barrel TM offers you a variety of usage and experience that will keep you experimenting forever.

Immediate Effects

Because our distillate is highly concentrated with CBD and very potent, you get immediate benefits. This is especially useful for those who use CBD for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Even if you use it for its other health benefits, getting immediate benefits is crucial. This is what the highly concentrated and potent distillate brings to the table. The immediacy of the effects is further enhanced if you dab it or vape it. CBD dabs and vapes tend to give the most immediate effect.

But whatever method you choose, the distillate offers quicker absorption and more immediate effect than the traditional CBD from C02 extraction.

No artificial materials

We made this product with high regard to your health and wellness. As a result, there are no artificial materials that can have adverse effect on your health. There is no MCT, PG, VG, PEG, or other harsh solvents. We paid close attention to the whole process and so there are no artificial or harmful additives. All you have is pure and potent CBD that you can use in a variety of ways.

Our careful attention to our extraction process is one of the unique aspects of every product we introduce. This awesome CBD distillate conforms to that standard.

Improve the psychoactive effects of your flowers

One of the ways you can use your CBD distillate is supercharging your flowers. The CBD distillate can improve the psychoactive effects of flowers without compromising the flavor of that flower.

Enjoy different blends and flavors

Our CBD Full spectrum distillate comes in different blends with unique taste. One of the things we love is offering our customers a great deal of variety. We understand that different things appeal to different people in different ways. As a result, we have different blends and flavors you can choose from. These different blends have different taste and different flavor. It is our desire to give you an experience that is unique to you.

When you order for our distillates, you can enjoy it in the taste and flavor that you love the most.

However, the flavors and aromas are not the results of artificial additives. They are naturally occurring flavors made possible by the reintroduction of terpenes into the distillates.

With Terpenes, you can have the best of both world

Our brand of distillates contains terpenes which we have added for the flavor. We believe that the flavor and aroma that comes with the distillates are also essential. When you use this CBD distillate, you are enjoying the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have potent and activated cannabinoid that is versatile. On the other hand, you have the benefits of terpenes to give you remarkable flavor.

But the addition of terpenes is not just for the aromatic purpose, it is also for therapeutic purpose. Terpenes help to increase the benefits that you get from the distillate. In everything, our desire is to give you the best. With this CBD Full spectrum session distillate, that’s just what we have done. You will most certainly love it, however you choose to take it.

Less for more

The higher concentration of full-spectrum distillate means you can get more for less. You don’t need as much quantity because each serving has more CBD than the traditional CBD. Any measure of this distillate will have a greater concentration of CBD than the corresponding traditional CBD. In most cases, less than half of the measurement of the CBD distillate will give you what the traditional CBD will give you.

When you get the CBD full-spectrum distillate from Oil Barrel TM, you are getting more for less.

Save some money

Because you are getting less for more, you are also saving more money. If you need less than half corresponding measure of the traditional CBD, then you can save money on your CBD purchase. Imagine when you have a more concentrated, potent CBD with great variety and immediate effect- and yet with an opportunity to save more money. What can you do with those extra bucks? I guess you can do a lot. But you are not saving money to get something lesser, you are saving money to get something better in all ways.

With our CBD full-spectrum distillate, you can never go wrong.

Will I get high?

There are different types of distillates. In the world of cannabinoids, there is the CBD distillates and the THC distillates. The CBD distillates are free from THC. Therefore, they are free from the psychoactive effects that come with the THC distillates. CBD distillates are highly concentrated in CBD without THC.

Consequently, you can rest assured that you won’t get high. So if you are bothered that “higher concentration” means a greater risk for getting high, worry no more. The concentration of the CBD does not equal to “highness”. As long as THC is absent, you are good to go.

What about Dosage?

As a result of the high concentration in distillates, it often requires a lower dosage compared to the traditional CBD. Less is more, therefore, you should not use the same dosage as you would use for the normal CBD.

This is especially important when you use CBD as an ingredient for edible or as an ingredient in your kitchen. Less is more, so it is better to use it in modesty.

Is it Legal?

The distillation process is as legal as the CBD itself. There is nothing legally wrong with distillation. It is not a process unique to the CBD industry. Many other products make use of the distillation process. As long as the distillation process is done by a qualified and registered company, it is legal. It can only be illegal if done by people who do not have adequate mastery of the whole process.

CBD is still legal by federal law and it is legal in all fifty states of the United States as long as it is sourced from industrial hemp plants. The CBD we use in the production of the full spectrum distillate is from hemp. Therefore, you can be assured that it is legal.

Earth E CBD at your service

Earth E CBD is committed to bringing you the best CBD products that will help improve your life in all areas. We believe so much in the CBD Full Spectrum CBD distillate and we have chosen it as one of the products that are beneficial to our esteemed customers.

To order for your own CBD full-spectrum distillate, visit our store. This is the present and the future of CBD. It is high time you jumped on board.

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