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Exploring the world of CBD and making the most of wholesale distribution

Exploring the world of CBD and making the most of wholesale distribution

The popularity of CBD in today’s world did not happen by accident. The benefits of CBD are numerous and many people all over the world have experienced those awesome benefits. As a result, CBD has been on everyone’s lips and it’s not going to go away. By 2024, the industry will reach $20 billion mark.

Different CBD products are coming to the market in different varieties. More and more people are buying CBD products and investing in them. CBD is no longer on the fringe, it is dominating the health and wellness industry.

The Importance of Getting the Right Products

However, as the industry grows, there is a need for a greater carefulness when purchasing CBD products. The industry is becoming a multimillion-dollar industry and as a result, many people are entering into the industry without the passion and zeal for the health and wellness of others. The profit motive is dominant for many. Consequently, there are many CBD products in the world today that are sub-standard and do not meet the required quality.

It is therefore essential that people pay close attention to the products they are purchasing. There are good CBD products and there are bad CBD products. Knowing how to distinguish them and where to get the right products is critical. It is the difference between good health and ill-health.

Wholesale Distribution as a way of getting the right products

When an industry grows, middlemen become more and more important. As demand grows, the producers cannot meet the supply by their own distribution channels alone. There is a need for wholesalers and retailers that will help meet the demand with the available supply.

It is no different with CBD. There is a growing importance for the role of wholesalers and retailers for the wide distribution of CBD. Majority of those who purchase CBD products will never meet the producer. They buy from wholesalers and retailers.

It is therefore important that wholesalers and retailers get the right products. If the wholesalers and retailers are getting the right products, the consumers will get the right products.


What you want from a producer

So in getting the right products to the customers for their maximum health and wellness, wholesalers must ensure they are buying from the right producers who will supply them with the right products. In this way, they will be able to supply the best products to their customers.

So what are the things that make a good producer of CBD?


Range of Products

A good CBD producer/supplier will have a range of products to supply you. As a wholesaler, your retailers will demand different types of CBD products. There are people who will want CBD Pods, others will want distillates. Some are more comfortable with CBD salves and beauty products while some love edibles. To meet the growing needs of your customers, you will need a producer that provides a range of products rather than just a single product.

Selling a single CBD product will not get you to the desired height. But as a supplier of a variety of CBD products, you get to meet more needs and have a growing business.

Therefore, it is important you identify a CBD producer that sells a range of CBD products.

Quantity of Products

Quantity is also important. As a wholesaler, you need a large quantity of products to meet your present and growing needs. You will need a producer that can meet the large quantity of orders that you require to meet the needs of your retailers and customers.

Keeping up with the demands of your customers is important to your business. It is the way you maintain credibility and create a long-lasting relationship with your customers. As a result, you have to choose a CBD producer that can help you keep up with the demands of your customers.

Quality of Products

But the range and quantity of the products are not as important as the quality of the products. You need a CBD supplier that is well known for the quality of its CBD products. Such a CBD producer will have third party independent testing, good customer reviews, and testimonials, among many other factors.

The quality of the product is most important. You need a CBD producer that conforms to the highest industry standards and produces their products in the right environment. They must tick every box not just because of the image of your business but the welfare of your customers. If there is one thing most important to a company, it should be the satisfaction of your customers. For a wholesaler, the quality of the product you purchase from your suppliers is the greatest determinant.

Extraction Method

One thing that is very crucial to the quality of the product is the extraction method. CBD extraction methods are not created equal. There are quality extraction methods and there are sub-standard extraction methods. One thing you should care about is the extraction method that the producer uses. If a producer does not make their extraction method known, perhaps, something is missing. You need to ask and verify how they extract CBD.

Similar to the extraction method is the production method. The production method must match the extraction method in terms of quality. There must be regards to industry standards and general quality standards in the extraction and production process.

These two are the most important criteria for the quality of the product. Another important criterion is the source of raw materials. Getting all this information from your prospective producers is important to ensure that the products you sell are of the utmost quality.

Customer Service

The product is the most important but how a company treats its customers is also key. In choosing a CBD producer, you need a company that values its customers. A company with good customer service will be easily reached. They will respond to inquiries and treat every complaint with seriousness. The ease of communicating with your supplier is important to the whole process. If they don’t care enough about that, then they are not good enough.

Why you should work with Earth E CBD

Perhaps you are wondering if there is actually any CBD producer that meets these lofty qualifications. Be rest assured, there is. Earth E CBD is a CBD company passionate about the CBD industry. They are not among those that came into the industry after the boom, they are among those who stepped in because they believed in the power of CBD. As a result, they have a unique passion for their customers borne out of their own experience.

When it comes to the range of products, Earth E CBD has them aplenty. Earth E CBD has quality CBD products that include CBD oil, CBD distillates, CBD Juul Pods, CBD edibles, CBD beverages, CBD tinctures, CBD topical, CBD vapes, among many others. Whatever your preferred way of consuming CBD (topically, sublingually, vaping, as edible, etc.), Earth E CBD has the right product for you.  We offer a wide range of CBD products that will delight your customers and help you meet the needs of your retailers and customers.

For the quantity of products, we have enough products to meet the needs of your retailers and consumers. Whatever you need, get to us, and we will get you the right quantity of products for onward distribution to your retailers and consumers.

The quality of our products is top-notch. Every of our CBD products is tested in third-party labs by independent quality experts. We ensure that our products are certified for conformity to the highest industrial and environmental standards. Our reviews and testimonials speak for us. We bring delight and satisfaction to our customers through the awesome quality of our products.

One way we do this is by using the best extraction method. We always avoid low grade and low-quality extraction methods like the Wipe Wash. Our extraction and production methods are designed to give you high recovery rate and absolute purity. When you work with us, you cannot go wrong. Our production takes place in the healthiest environments and we source our raw materials from the best industrial hemp plants.

When it comes to customer service, Earth E CBD is the company to beat. We take every one of your inquiries seriously. Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with our customers. For us, it is more than the business we do together, it is about the passion we share. We have awesome after-sales service and our customer service representatives are always eager to help.

Earth E CBD will provide you everything you need and much more. We offer wholesale distribution of CBD anywhere in the United States and Canada. We sell to wholesalers, suppliers, and retail vendors. With us, you will definitely get the best CBD products that will delight your final consumers.

How to Get Started

To get started with us, visit our store to check out our amazing catalog of products and other important information about our business.

If you are interested in working with us, contact us and let’s get started on the road to a long term relationship.

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