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Gas Station CBD Brands Versus Real Medicinal CBD Brands


There are many CBD companies in the world today that are selling different kind of CBD products. In this article you are going to learn the difference between Gas Station CBD Brands Versus Real Medicinal CBD Brands. With the increased interest in CBD and the exposure of many people to the various health benefits of CBD, many entrepreneurs are becoming interested in the brand and seeking ways to increase the availability of the product. Everywhere you go, there will be people who will tell you they are selling CBD products.

But even at that, there are still many sub-standard peddlers of CBD (we call them gas station brands) and customers must learn to differentiate the gas station brands from the true medicinal brands. This differentiation is not always easy to make but it is a differentiation that must be made because your health and safety depends on it.

As a CBD buyer, you must make a careful attempt to choose the right company to buy from so as to get the highest benefits and protect yourself from charlatans. In this article, we look at some simple ways to make this essential differentiation.

Differentiating between Gas Station Brands and Medicinal Brands


The first essential differentiation is the motive of the CBD Company. Many companies are in this business because they care so much about your health and wellness and they are willing to go the extra mile to use CBD oil and its properties to help you in the healing process. Some companies however don’t really care and their motivation is not your health and wellness but the profitability of the entire venture.

These Gas Station brands don’t put much effort into the business and they are mainly focused on the quick buck. You can easily know them by their lack of efforts. They don’t have a website, they don’t have stores in more than one place, and they don’t produce any content that can help you understand the benefits of the product or how to use it to your profit. Many of them brands are just floating around waiting for the next buyer.

But a truly medicinal brand is committed to your health and wellness. They are the ones taking insurance, registering their business, building a website, producing relevant content that will help you understand and use CBD. They are the ones opening more stores and extending their reach across the country. It is those brands that are the true medicinal brands. They care about your health, they have the right motives and you should make them your friends.


A Gas Station brand will not produce quality product. They are too impatient and profit oriented to put in the efforts that are required to produce top notch CBD products. They don’t use the best extraction method. Rather, they just use the method that is convenient with which they can quickly produce something and get their profit.

True medicinal brands are concerned about quality. They use the best extraction methods and they follow a tested and trusted process for production. They put in the efforts because they have the right motive. They are the ones who hire third party labs to even confirm the quality of the products they have made before they send it to the market. True medicinal brands are constantly improving and constantly evolving. They know what the best methods are and they are committed to using the best methods even if they are more expensive. Their goal is not to be the cheapest but to provide quality product that will make people healthier.

Brand Identity

Gas Station brands don’t put so much value on their brand identity. If they even have a brand name at all, they are not registered. They don’t have a mission or vision statement. All their activities are not done with a concern for the brand identity they project. They are here for a while and they probably vanish thereafter. Therefore, they are generally less concerned about their brand image. They are not doing anything to establish themselves as a major player in the industry.

But real medicinal brands are always making the efforts. They care about their name and image because they are here for the long term. They want to sell good products because they want their brand to be identified with quality and effectiveness. Real medicinal brands want to be a major player in the industry and they make all the efforts to achieve that goal.

Customer service

Customer service is another point of differentiation between gas station brands and medicinal brands. Gas station brands care for themselves first and the customer is only as valuable as he or she helps them to achieve their own profit motive. Gas Station brands are not ready to go all the way for their customers. They don’t really care so much about their experience with the products. What matters most for these brands is that they are making profit and the books are balanced. They don’t even have a dedicated customer service.

True medicinal brands prioritize the customer. For them, the customer is always king and not just because of the money the customer brings. They make every attempt to give the customer a good experience. Many true medicinal brands have dedicated customer service team that follows up on customers to ensure they have positive feedbacks from their experience with the company’s product. They understand that they are as successful as how delighted their customers.


A true medicinal brand will always put in the effort that their products are always available. They have a consistent manufacturing process and standard inventory system so they never disappoint their customers. Apart from ensuring constant supply, they also ensure they give their customers a broad range of products that provide them with many options. There are CBD edibles, there are creams, lip balms, there are bath bombs, etc. The point is they want to improve the experience of the users with CBD by making it more accessible in different ways. The availability of CBD in many forms and shapes is one of the ways you know a medicinal brand.

A gas station brand will not put in the efforts or concern themselves with providing range of products. They are content to just sell one or two products here and there and make quick profits. It takes a lot of commitment to make CBD available in different formats and available everytime customers need them. Such a concern for availability is absent with gas station brands.


Experience is important when differentiating gas station brands from real medicinal brands. Gas station brands have little experience or background in the business and they are not willing to commit to the long term vision. For the person who can read the signals, everything they do shows that this is a short term commitment. You will quickly discover that they are one of those who came into the business because of the revenue growth in the industry.

Real medicinal brands have valuable and quality experience. They were here before the hype and they are not just here for the short term. Their commitment is real. They are genuine. They have made it their goal to provide quality products for the health of people and they are true to their commitments. They don’t just possess experience; they are gaining more of it. They are learning, unlearning and relearning. They are experimenting and investigating. Those are the qualities that set them apart from other brands. 

Why the differentiation is important

The difference between gas station brands and real medicinal brands is important. If you cannot buy your supplements from the gas station or buy your drug from the gas station, neither should you buy your CBD from the gas station. CBD is also a health product and in the same category as your drugs and supplements. If you always take the extra caution before you purchase your drugs and supplements, you should also take the extra caution with your CBD products.

It is your health and safety that is on the line. As station brands and medicinal brands, it will be easier to send the gas station brands out of business. They thrive on their ability to sell despite their positioning. But when people start ignoring them, they will buckle up and make relevant improvements. Improving the CBD industry by sending away charlatans and gas station brands must be a collective effort.

Secondly, when customers learn to differentiate between  

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