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Trust in Your CBD Company.

How do you do it?

The CBD market has been growing exponentially. The CBD market is now a $591 million market with a lot of potentials and possibilities. It is expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022.

As a result, there are many companies that are entering into this market. Producers of CBD oil and their other varieties are now increasing. The risk is that as more producers enter into the market, more fake and untested products will flourish.

This has been the case most especially with Amazon sellers. Many people have found that the CBD oil they are sold on Amazon stores don’t have the vitality that the CBD oil offers. Amazon buyers have made many complaints and left many bad reviews.

It is therefore essential that a buyer be extremely careful when choosing a CBD producer. Not all CBD producers are made equally. Certain factors differentiate between different CBD producers and the buyer will do well to take heed to some of these factors.


The CBD oil itself is the most important consideration. The whole interest in the CBD industry is because of the numerous health benefits that CBD provides.

Therefore, the first point of concern is the type of CBD oil that the company is manufacturing.


The first factor is where and how the CBD is sourced.

CBD is sourced from the cannabis plant.

When CBD is sourced from a cannabis plant that contains less than 0.03% of THC, it is referred to as an industrial hemp plant and such CBD is legal in the fifty states of the US for medical and recreational purposes.

However, if CBD is derived from plants that contain more than 0.03% of THC, it is considered as a marijuana plant and the legal implications are more nuanced.

It is therefore important to understand how a company sources for CBD before you can trust the product they make.

One of the crucial points is where the cannabis plant is grown. Cannabis plants that are grown where they are exposed to extreme weather tend to have higher levels of THC which has psychoactive effects on the body. Cannabis plant grown in a friendly weather is safer than the one grown in extreme weather. Be sure that your producer is vocal about where they grow their cannabis plant.

If the cannabis plants are grown overseas, you will need to be extra careful and be assured that they have been grown with high regards to the relevant quality standards, manufacturing guides and environmental standards.

Check the company’s website, the product’s labeling or ask the store where you make the purchase. It is a red flag if the company is not so outspoken about where they grow the cannabis plant.

Hemp oil Versus CBD oil

Another crucial distinction in regards to the source of the CBD oil is the distinction between CBD oil and hemp oil.

The major reason why many of the Amazon buyers were disillusioned is because they didn’t know the distinction.

Hemp oil is gotten from the seed of the cannabis plant while CBD oil is gotten from the leaves and flower. Hemp oil does not have the same vitality and nutrients that the CBD oil has. Hemp oil has its own benefits but it lacks the medical advantages and uses that the CBD oil provides.

Therefore, when choosing a producer of CBD oil, ensure they are actually selling CBD oil and not Hemp oil in disguise.

CBD and contaminants

The Cannabis plant is sometimes contaminated because it absorbs heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides that are in the soil or in the water. These contaminants can have a lot of harmful effects on the health. It is important to be aware of the safety and toxicology of CBD.

A good and trustworthy producer is the one that does regular testing of their cannabis plants and the extracted CBD to ensure that it is devoid of any of these contaminants.

A company that does not perform regular testing and validation cannot be trusted.

Therefore, one of the things to look out before trusting a company is the testing and validation method of the company. The testing results should be made available to the public. If the result of the test is not available publicly, ask for it. Such information will help you to know if you can trust the company.

The testing method must adhere to relevant standards like the ISO 17025 and relevant agency standards like the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists.

You need to assure yourself of this even if the state law in your particular state does not require it. Your health and vitality matters ultimately.

The Product label

A product must have a good label that shows the amount of CBD that it contains.

A producer that does not say the amount of CBD per dosage or is vague about it can’t be trusted.

Go for a producer that has a label that says clearly the amount of CBD is in the product and in each dosage. If the product has other components / compounds apart from CBD, the label should clearly state it and the percentage. This also includes the THC component.

Extraction method

There are different ways that companies extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant. There is the CO2 extraction, the use of liquid solvents, olive oil or the closed loop extractor.

A credible CBD company should be willing to tell the customers the extraction method they have used.

The extraction method is part of what determines the ultimate quality of the CBD oil.

The use of liquid solvents, while it might be the easiest or the cheapest is not the best method. Some of these liquid solvents can leave some undesirable chemicals in the CBD after the extraction.

The use of the CO2 method or a closed loop extractor offers more confidence in terms of purity than the use of liquid solvents.

It is therefore proper to know that the company is using the right extraction methods.


What are people saying about the brand?

The brand that is selling a product is as important as the product that is being sold.

Does the company have good reputation among the people? Do they provide customer reviews? Are those reviews objective?

Are they known for high conformity to regulatory standards?

Customer Service

Another important point is customer service.

Customer service means the company is responsive to messages. Some CBD companies are trying to hide themselves and sell their inferior and untested products.

Look for a CBD company that can be easily contacted with phone numbers and email address.

It might be a red flag if the company is only about selling and are not responsive to customer requests.

An accountable company will not lie in the darkness. Customer service is an essential part of knowing a trustworthy brand.


A company with integrity will not make unsubstantiated claims.

The CBD oil can certainly cure many diseases. In addition, there are many studies and reports that have shown the healing virtue of CBD: including a study from Harvard and WHO.

But even those studies recognize that there are still some areas of uncertainties regarding the potency of CBD oil for some diseases. The studies and research are still in progress.

Therefore, you need to be afraid of companies that make bold and reckless claims and treat CBD oil as a cure all medicine without regards to studies and research results.

Integrity also means that the company does not compromise quality to sell at low price and high volume.

Quality CBD does not always come at a cheap price. A company with integrity will prioritize quality product over cheap product and high sales.

Why you can trust Earth E CBD

At Earth E CBD, we always ensure that we produce the best quality CBD products by all standards.

Our laboratory testing result are not hidden. The extraction and production process are available for all to see. Our contact details are also readily available on our contact page.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, great customer service and our commitment to producing and distributing only tested and high-quality CBD products for the benefit of all and sundry.

Earth E CBD is a company you can trust for all your CBD oil and other related products. We stick to the highest quality, environmental and industry standards to deliver the best and only the best at every point in time.

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It is not just enough to know the benefits of CBD oil. It is essential to know where to buy a quality one.

With the CBD industry growing and expanding, there are many unscrupulous and untested producers. As a result, many unhealthy and fake products have flooded the market. To be on the safe side, you must choose the right producer.

The right producer has the right product, the right integrity, customer service and brand popularity.