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  • 2 mL CBD Vape Cartridge All IN One - Disposable. Battery Included.

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2 mL CBD Vape Cartridge All IN One - Disposable. Battery Included. $24.99

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Ak 47;
Flavor Profile
: Citrus
 Energy, Focus

Strawberry Cough ;
Flavor Profile: Skunky, Strawberries
 Uplifting, Euphoric, Energetic. Promotes Creativity and a Happy Mood

Blackberry Kush :
Flavor Profile: Sour, Balanced by Sweet Berries
Effects: Sleepy, Creative

Gelato :
Flavor Profile: 
Earthy, Fruity, and Sweet
Effect: Calm, Energetic, Focused, Creative


NYC Diesel ;
Flavor Profile: Lime, Grapefruit and Pine
Effects: Euphoric and Creative

CBD Cartridge Testing

CBD Cartridge | 1000mg |Full Spectrum


What does a look like?

CBD Cartridges are an electronic pocket device that heats CBD oil into its gaseous form; vapor. This heated cartridge is inhaled through the mouth. The device is equipped with a removable cartridge that contains CBD oil. The vaporization of CBD oil does not involve burning.

As you explore this new way to ingest your CBD, you still enjoy all the benefits associated with it.


Why should you choose EarthE CBD's Cartridges?

The use of CBD cartridges is the most beneficial and pleasurable method. There are many reasons why you should consider owning at least one.

Quick absorption: Vaping the CBD oil before introduced into the body system makes this method the most convenient way to use CBD. The process starts right in the vaping chamber. The vaping method allows quicker absorption of cannabidiol into the body systems because it is broken down to its simplest form.

Portability: Our CBD Vape and cartridge have all its main components assembled in a pen-shaped figure. You can still get more variant designs for these vapes. All in all, the designs are compact and light in weight.

Smokeless: CBD vape uses a smokeless system. CBD vape is designed to atomize the CBD oil without causing a burning flame.


Any time of the day

Vaping CBD in the morning strengthens you and provides you with the vigor your body requires for the day. After a long day, smooth puffs of CBD vape will refresh you as it helps you.


Before and after workouts

A drag of cannabidiol before hitting the gym is a perfect recipe for reaching your workout reps. Likewise, after your sets of exercises, it is necessary that you soften your tensed muscles with another puff. 


How do the CBD Vape and Cartridges operate?

For you to use a CBD vape, you do not need a piece of technical knowledge. To use the CBD vape, just puff on the cartridge and enjoy your cannabidiol. The moment you puff, the heating element is activated by a sensor. The heating element vaporizes a quantity of CBD oil; you then inhale the vapor afterward. It's as simple as ABC!

The main components of a typical CBD vape include:

Stainless housing body


Heating element

Vape sensor



Cartridge: The cartridge contains cannabidiol oil. It is further described as the mouthpiece of the vape where you suck the CBD vapor after it is atomized by the heating element. You can refill these cartridges with more CBD oils of different flavors after its exhausted.

Heating element: The heating element is powered by a battery. It heats the CBD oil into vapor at a temperature between 300 degrees and 450 degrees Fahrenheit before it is inhaled. It is frequently called the “atomizer”. You can vary the temperature of the heating element to a suitable temperature to ensure sufficient vaping of the CBD.

Vape Sensor: For some vapes, the sensors require push buttons to power the heating element. Other vapes are programmed to automatically turn themselves on when you inhale through them.

Batteries: The vape batteries are used to electrically power the heating element. A voltage of 3.2 to 3.7 volts is required to reach a temperature of 400 degrees in a few seconds. They can be replaced or recharged after use.


How you should maintain your CBD Vape?

The maintenance of CBD vape is as easy as puffing on the vape itself. After the cartridge containing the cannabidiol oil is empty, you can either refill the cartridge or replace the cartridge with a prefilled cartridge of your favorite flavor and enjoy your vaping.

However, at low temperatures, CBD oils thicken quickly. You can prolong your CBD oil shelf life by ensuring that it is kept at room temperature. Mild warming is recommended for high potency.

An upright position of the cartridge must be maintained always while storing.

Likewise, while handling your vape, it might get clogged with dirt. All you have to do is blow hard into the vape to de-clog the vape.


Where can you buy the original CBD vape?

You can get your favorite CBD supplements and devices on EarthE CBD.   At EarthE CBD, we manufacture and sell the best quality CBD products in strict accordance with the FDA regulations on Cannabis-Derived Products.

We derive pleasure in your utmost satisfaction and wellness. In this quest, we have provided exciting offers for you as you order CBD vape and other CBD products from our online store. If you're anywhere near New Jersey, you can stop by our office and say hello.

Welcome to EarthE CBD

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