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Freeze Gel CBD Isolate $39.99

● Made In The USA

● 3rd Party Tested

● Most Effective

● Best Priced

● Highest Purity


Freeze Gel CBD Isolate 


Made from potent CBD Isolate, this right here CBD freeze gel dries quickly without leaving a residue. EarthE CBD dispensary is here again with yet another innovative coolant gel to numb pains, manage arthritis, and relieve body aches. Need to buy 1000 mg of CBD Isolate Freeze Gel online or near me for your sore muscles and arthritis?


Kiss muscle pains, inflammation, and arthritis goodbye. Order online now!


CBD Freeze Gel Isolate: Introducing on-the-spot relief gel for all kinds of muscle pains


Meet CBD Freeze Gel by EarthE CBD, an icy-cold pain therapy and soothing topical cream in the form of a freeze gel. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use it, coaches and gym instructors recommend it and alternative wellness specialists preach it’s good news to their clients. Specially because CBD muscle freeze gel offers instant relief to joint pains, arthritis, body aches, and more. With this product, EarthE CBD welcomes you again into the world of goodness that cannabidiol has to offer.


CBD Muscle, Pain and Arthritis Freeze Gel by EarthE CBD is -

Non-GMO, pure, and premium quality CBD Isolate freeze gel 

Organically grown, processed, manufactured, and packaged in the USA

FDA Approved

Third-party lab tested and checked all the boxes for quality, safety, and potency

Made from all-natural ingredients


1000 mg, 88.72 ml, or 3 oz freeze gel is available to buy online and in dispensaries near you.

Buy EarthE CBD freeze gel online and near me!


Benefits of CBD Freeze Gel for Pains, Inflammation, and Arthritis


Provide Muscle Pain Relief

Suffering from sore muscles or muscle pull? For pains so chronic and serious that you always clench your teeth with both eyes shut tight, CBD Isolate Freeze Gel is destined to penetrate deep beyond the surface and provide instant soothing relief. Or maybe you don’t consider the pain as worthy of a trip to your physiotherapist, this CBD muscle and pain freeze gel will do great wonders, thanks to its cold therapy techniques and menthol after-effects. 


Perfect for Sports Injuries and joint pains

Sport is fun, but pains from fractures, twisted joints, and sports injuries are part of the rigors of the game. Felling pains during or after a long sweaty session of playing your favorite sport? This freeze gel is the right solution for sports injuries. It provides fast-acting relief for different kinds of pain relating to sports injuries, inflammation, body aches, joint pains, and whatnot.


CBD Freeze Gel for Inflammation

For fitness enthusiasts or athletes, injuries and inflammation is a constant thing during exercises and outdoor sports activities. Inflammation is known to slower the journey to recovery and can hinder an athlete from hitting the field. Our CBD-infused freeze gel contains soothing properties for treating inflammation.


Freeze Gel CBD Isolate for Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and swelling in the joints. It's a very common problem for people of all ages and usually occurs in the hands, knees, neck, or lower back. Although arthritis can be painful and slow you down, it doesn't have to slow you down for life. You can get relief and freeze the pain (for good!) with CBD-infused treatments like this freeze gel and salves.


Freeze up the pains for good with CBD Freeze Gel. Shop now from EarthE CBD’s online store!


CBD Muscle and Pain Freeze Gel is suitable for muscles of your - 

Head, neck, and shoulder

Biceps, Triceps, and hands

Thighs, calf, and legs

Chest, abdominal abs, and back



CBD isolate, relief gel, isopropyl alcohol, menthol, triethanolamine, camphor, organic aloe vera, tocopheryl acetate, paraguariensis ilex, carbomer, and so on. 


Dosage and applications of CBD Freeze Gel

CBD Muscle and pain freeze gel is so easy to use that you can administer it to the affected areas without anybody’s help. Here is how to apply your Freeze Gel CBD Isolate for muscle pains.


With the tip of your index and middle fingers, gently apply a sufficient amount of gel to the affected skin area. Massage gently in a circular motion and allow your skin to absorb the pain-relieving compounds. You can do this twice daily and see how the pain vanishes completely.


Buy Freeze Gel CBD Isolate Online and Near Me from EarthE CBD Store

For the love of body fitness and wellness, Earth E CBD is committed to making pure organic freeze gel from CBD isolate. We understand that THC is a banned substance in competitions, yet we wish to show our solidarity with people who experience pains and injuries in their sports careers. That’s why we ensure our CBD freeze gel is third-party lab tested to contain zero percent THC.


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Need a reliable Dispensary to buy CBD Freeze Gel Online or near me in New Jersey? 

EarthE CBD is a recreational cannabis dispensary in the USA where marijuana meets wellness. Our dispensary is the best cannabis store near you in New Jersey. More so, EarthE CBD is one of the most reviewed vape shops near me.


Based in New Jersey, we are a large manufacturer and distributor of pain-relieving CBD products online and near me in the USA. Alternative health specialists and body fitness enthusiasts come to EarthE CBD for all-things hemp products that offer soothing relief for pains and inflammation. Not only do our happy clients get satisfied with the results, but they also spread the goodness of our CBD products to their friends and family. Check the dispensary nearest to you and be our guest today.


Kiss pains and arthritis goodbye. Freeze up the pains for good. Order your CBD Isolate Freeze Gel now from our online store!


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