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Top 10 Best best CBD Vape liquids in 2020

Vape liquids are in high demand as the lockdown progresses, people want to try out new things from the confines of their homes, this mostly includes both indoor and outdoor activities and leisure's.

the Vape market for Vape products including CBD Vape liquids has seen a 38% increase this year alone. Now if you are one of the people who want to take on vaping or are looking for the best flavors, here are the 10 ten list for CBD Vape Liquids. Let’s start with the most popular Vape flavor downwards.


Blueberry flavor is one of the most popular and highest grossing blueberry flavors in the market. It leaves a mildly sweet and fresh fruity taste in your mouth, it’s sometimes a little strong but adding another flavor like mint makes it worth it. Blueberry is highly popular all over America for CBD Vape Liquids, especially at EarthE CBD who have reported a high number of sales on the liquid.


Mint is a wildly popular flavor for many things, it’s also extremely common due to its connection with cigarettes from Dunhill, because people have an easier time switching from those to a mint vaporizer. Mint has a fresh taste that wakes you up, it gives you the little shock you need but is not for all people because a lot of people can’t handle mint. Still, mint is the second most popular flavor in a vaporizer.


Who does not like Cannoli? What is wrong with you? One of the most fun unhealthy foods in the worth that wins the award of guilty pleasures. The taste is quite unique and not exactly the same as other cake or cream flavors. However, with a Cannoli CBD Vape Liquid you don’t have to worry about the calories and you can enjoy yourself with the flavor of Cannoli with each single hit. This is why Cannoli is the third favorite in CBD Vape juices.


CBD Grape Vape liquid is in demand and it is normally lived by people in the age of 18-25 it is a new flavor and has a little hit of sourness in it that really helps hook you to it for the longer term use. However, most people credit the love for it towards the crape flavored candies in the early 20s that bring back memories.


Orange is a unique flavor that became popular during the quarantine and is highly in demand. It is rising the ladder slowly as people are still hesitant to try out the orange flavor as a vaporizer due to preconceived notions. However people who have tried the CBD Vape Liquid in orange have really liked the flavors, it is also almost sold out on EarthE CBD in the first month of launch, many other companies have also reported the sales going up. The pungent and citrus flavor uniquely come together in a harmony to bring a party to your mouth, settling at the number 5th place.


Watermelons are amazing and should be mandatory after every meal, however that is besides the point because we are talking about vapes. Watermelon Vape liquids are a little curious as people don’t know if such a juicy and fruity food would taste good as a Vape, but surprising, the Vape liquids add some citrus flavoring to the watermelon taste that cuts the sweetness making it seriously addictive. Hence, it’s the pick for number 6 on the top ten CBD vapes list.


Cake. It’s a whirlpool of dilemma, which flavor of cake, how do you know a cake flavor over a simple flavor. What if the Vape tastes vanilla and they tell you it’s vanilla cake? Well, no. Though some bad companies employ this tactic, but there are many extremely delicious cake Vape juices out there. The supply is small and the demand is high for the good quality juices but they run out fast, leaving their impact on the Vape industry at the 7th place.


You would think chocolate would be number one, because so did everyone else. However, chocolate is a heavy flavor, as delicious as it is, it can be quite heavy to inhale in the long run. It can leave you feeling a little like you would after you eat too much chocolate and are tired of it, if you smoke for a long time in one sitting. So, it’s normally best to go for a lighter flavor, however the popularity is still there due to the yummy taste, leaving it at number 8.


Strawberry flavoring should be popular in theory but as we all know, strawberries don’t taste like what they used to, they have a milder taste in real life, however, when used as artificial flavor it is too sweet to handle. Strawberry in a Vape juice when added with CBD is a little much and a bit too sugary. It may also counter the effect a little as the sugar content may give you the rush, in contrast to the relaxing feeling provided by a CBD vape liquid. This all combines to bring the hit to the flavor, leaving it at the 9th place.


Pineapples, are they meant to be on a Pizza? This paragraph may have a controversial start but that’s just to give the animal inside you the adrenaline that it deserves whatever time at night you may be reading this. Now, on to the actual topic; Pineapples are amazing and new into the CBD Vape Liquid flavors, however, they work amazingly well and are the right amount of sweet and sour to give you a nice use. Of course, their availability and the lack of trials has only earned that the 10th place but there’s a lot of potential for this flavor.

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