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What’s All The Fizz About!

The bubbly, vibrant, sparkly bath bombs are hard-packed substances made out of dry ingredients. These bath bombs add color, scent, and texture to your bathwater. The aromatic and striking sparkle of these bath bombs creates a purely aesthetic cascade that takes you to a whole different utopia.

The captivating and enchanting aroma of the bath bombs creates a magical allure that helps in the relaxation of both mind and body.

Why need a dull bath soap when you can have a glamorous experience with a bath bomb!?

The scented, fizzy & fun-filled bath experience gives a tempting lure that will soothe your body. Just drop one into the bathtub and watch it fizz, whirl and spin!

History Of Bath Bombs:

Bath bombs were first invented in 1989 when the discoverer was inspired by the action of the ‘Alka Seltzer in water’. She achieved this fizzy base by combining two chemical components; “sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid”.

These are generally comprised of a medley of natural ingredients that are found in a typical household. A custom-made mixture of ingredients has been added to the original base of the tablet to produce magnificent effects, as observed in the use of bath bombs now.

Since its invention, these products have started coming in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and even figures. Some consist of bright colors with sparkly glitters on them, some are just simple and unique in their way. Some of these are ball-shaped, others may be made into the shape of a donut, macaron, or any animal (for the little ones!).

Ingredients Used In Making Bath Bombs:

Mainly, the ingredients that are used in making bath bombs are easily available in your households, such as flower petals, pigments, and chemical-free glitters. However, to make them more enchanting and charismatic, certain essential oils are added.

The main ingredients used in the bath bombs are:

  • Epsom salt
  • Essential oil
  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Coloring pigment

However, certain substances are added to enhance their effect.

For example; Epsom salts and almond oil are added to give a silky and smooth texture to the body. Epsom salt soothes any muscle soreness or cramps, helping in feeling relaxed. Almond oil, on the other hand, provides nourishment to the skin and keeps it hydrated and fresh.

Essential oils are added to give a nice fragrance to the bath bombs which helps in providing a soothing aromatherapy experience. Usually, lavender oil or lemongrass oil is added to enhance the therapeutic experience of your pampering day.

When a bath bomb is dropped in water, the baking soda and citric acid react with water to create carbon dioxide, making the fizz appear fascinating.

Adding coloring pigment is optional. It varies from dull and light colors to vibrant & sparkly bath bombs.

Are Bath Bombs Actually Good For Our Skin?

Now comes the most important question, whether it’s good for our skin or not. According to the cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller, editor of thebeautybrains.com, bath bombs work exactly the same way as the Alka-Seltzer tablet in a glass of water. Moreover, the blend of different colors, the soothing fragrances, and skin-conditioning ingredients turn your bath water into a psychedelic blend of colors and scents.

The oils in them provide moisture to the skin that adds a bonus point to their demand worldwide. Hence, using bath bombs are fine for skin of all types.

Benefits Of Using Bath Bombs:

When we talk about skin, it’s important to talk about the benefits that it brings to our skin and to our body.

Some of the advantages of using bath bombs are:

  • Nourishes skin:

The skin nourishing ingredients such as almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter etc. provide extra nutrients to the skin. The skin stays glowy as always.

  • Therapeutic:

The fragrances in these bath bombs provide an alluring aromatherapy experience which helps in relaxing the stressed nerves.

  • Relaxed bath experience:

Drop a bath bomb in the water and just watch how it fizzes, spins and creates whirls in the water.

  • Cleanse:

It helps in cleansing the skin from any pollution or dirt.

  • Strengthen:

The ingredients in them provide strength to the skin, and also help it to increase elasticity, leaving the skin soft, smooth and velvety with a pleasant aroma.

Where To Choose The Bath Bombs From?

Earthe CBD is the perfect company for all those smart, gorgeous, handsome, lovely, multi-tasking people who are managing healthy homes, working in their fields, women busy with their work, kids and stuff, or men who just simply deserve to be pampered too.

They set the high standards as their products are:

  • Freshly manufactured
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  • For all skin types

They believe that while being healthy matters, it should not be at the expense of products you love, or enjoy the fun out of! Their passion of wholesome living extends to every last detail