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Cbd and Cannabis Product Development and Formulation


1. Cannabinoid Product Concept and Strategy Session

  • Competitive market analysis, market price target and price margin determination
  • Preliminary formula research and design
  • Product creation, development and functionality testing
  • Identifying core processes and manufacturing specs such as cold-fill, hot-fill, tunnel pasteurization, retort, aseptic and HTST.


2. CBD and Cannabis Product Development and Prototypes

  • Prototype creation and refinement
  • White label modeling, private label packaging and manufacturing options
  • Custom flavor development and product analysis
  • Cost analysis, product sampling and suppliers identification
  • Logo design, private label declaration, nutritional labeling and FDA compliance


3. Project Management

  • Co-pack and distribution channel management
  • Quality assurance and pre-production planning
  • Product launching


Partnering with Earthe CBD for White Label or Private Label CBD and Cannabis

Coupled with years of cannabinoids development, experience and superior flavor experts, EarthE CBD is a leading CBD and Cannabis company in the industry. We can work with you to deliver any form of white label or private label products that your company needs. While production requires careful planning and execution, having the skills and awareness about CBD and Cannabis formulation processes is essential for companies to succeed in the medical cannabis industry. We do not only provide innovative techniques and solutions but also help companies explore key issues involved when developing a successful product.

At EarthE CBD, we always ensure that the content in each and every formulation are FDA compliant. More so, our production process, white label packaging and shelf life stability exceed industry standards. Our flavor team and chemists understand what a CBD and Cannabis brand should stand for and how it will fit the consumer's taste profile. We provide product development for diverse applications – whether white label or private label.


Cannabinoid Consulting Solutions

We brainstorm and work closely with you to understand your needs. We cap it all with a workable strategy that puts your brand and products in the bigger picture. At EarthE CBD, we understand that the CBD and Cannabis market is saturated and flooded with a pool of innovative private label products, that is why we up our game with over 20 years experience Food Science and Nutritional coupled with consistent research.

Through these years, we have developed a strong relationship by connecting with a wide network of flavor chemists and CBD and Cannabis product enthusiasts worldwide. With over 70 years combined experience in the industry, our expertise does not only guarantee scientific knowledge. All our consultants come with years of proactive experience and realistic consulting so your needs can be met effectively. Collaborate with us today and we will walk you through every step of brand success.


Full-Fledge CBD and Cannabis Development Solutions

Whether product formulation, analysis, consulting and anything in between, we are well-honed with the right tools and knowledge skillsets in bringing your CBD and Cannabis concepts to reality. EarthE CBD offers the most complete cannabinoid product development for both white label and private label needs.

We want to impact lives through our innovative, all-natural CBD and Cannabis products that are also FDA approved. That's why we employ a better customer-centric approach that reaches out to all our clients whilst providing high-quality CBD and Cannabis products that they deserve.

We invite you to partner with us today. First, lets start with a conversation; we want to know how we can be of expedient support to your white label or private label business. In a not-too-distant future, we would love to see your business running with maximum ROI. Get in touch with us today!


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