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Hemp Oil for Dogs: Benefits and Uses

CBD does not only have made its name in the human world, but it has also worked a lot for the benefits of animals.


Pet owners are choosing CBD and hemp oil for their precious companions and they trust CBD a lot because of its amazing qualities.


When buying hemp oil, you will notice two different products. One being hemp oil and the other one hemp seed oil.


Do not confuse them with each other because they are two completely different products and they come from different parts of the same plant.


Their functions can vary and can have different effects so always be wise with your choices and do not mess it all up.


Hemp seed oil as shown by its name is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant, and the CBD oil extracted from cannabis seed has a low concentration of cannabidiols when they are compared to one another.


However, hemp oil commonly known as CBD oil is derived from the leaves, flowers, and stems of the cannabis plant. It is a broad-spectrum source of CBD known for its therapeutic effects on both humans and animals.


Benefits of hemp oil for dogs:


There are a lot of potential benefits of hemp oil for dogs and they are unmatchable because nothing works like this.


The major benefit of hemp oil is it reduces osteoarthritic pains in dogs, it also reduces seizures, and it improved movement.


It is also helpful for dogs going through anxiety, and stress. Many dogs have chronic issues like arthritic pains and epileptic seizures.


Most of the time pharmaceutical medicines do not work as hemp oil works and that is why it has gained a lot of popularity in recent times.


It is not for all the breeds of dogs but those breeds that suffer through anxiety and those who are afraid of fireworks, and thunderstorms.


If your dog goes through anxiety issues, then your dog should be given this dose before going so

that their anxiety stays under control.


Time of action:


The average time of action for the dosage is almost one hour but as you give this to your dog you must be knowing the dosage and should give it according to that.


Safety of hemp oil for dogs:


Not all but most of the CBD products contain low levels of THC but they are not so much and that is why they do not cause any mental high in dogs and that is why this is the safest choice for dogs.


Always make sure that the CBD products you are buying THC concentration is lower than point three percent and it is important that where you are getting the product from.


Always buy it from authentic certified companies like EarthE CBD so that you do not have to regret it later and it works properly for you.


How to use hemp oil for dogs:

There are a lot of products that you can buy CBD for your dogs like gummies, tinctures, oils, dog treats, etc. depending upon your convenience and the choice of your dog.


If you buy hemp oil from a certified company like EarthE CBD it will come with a dropper and you can easily give your dog a precise amount of hemp oil.


You can use this dropper to directly feed them the oil on their tongue, or their cheek if you do not want to give it to them through a treat.


However, if you buy treats that consist of hemp oil, you can mask the smell of oil because it is easier to give to your dog because they have a very strong sense of smell.


The time of action of treats with hemp oil without any doubt will be lesser as compared to the hemp oil that is given directly because treats will be absorbed in the intestine later on.


Daily dosage of hemp oil:


When you are just starting to give it to your dog you are worried about the dosage and you should always stick to what the doctor has prescribed or start from the minimum dosage.


The dosage that you should give your dog depends upon the age of your dog, his breed, and what is his weight.


The average dosage that can be given to the dog is one tablespoon per 1.2 Lbs. of food. You can make the changes accordingly or you might as well consult a doctor if you are not sure or you do not want to take any risk.


The oils that are given directly tend to kick in faster as compared to the treats or edibles. The effectiveness after all is not affected only the time is increased or decreased.


You should always buy it from certified and authentic companies to be sure and to save your little companions from getting into any trouble.

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