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CBD and Cannabis Candy Manufacturing

Through over 20 years in Food Science and Chemistry, we have discovered the perfect treat for everyday CBD and Cannabis consumer. The beauty part of our discovery is our scintillating CBD edible which comes in different strengths, taste and flavors. We have researched, designed and manufactured our candy products and CBD edibles to suit the taste specifications of virtually everyone – and yours is not an exception!

We care deeply about our customers' love for good health and holistic wellness. And we are equally aware that consumers of our CBD and Cannabis candies and edibles require these nourishing treats to cure different ailments. Thus, we take it as our responsibility to manufacture innovative CBD and Cannabis edibles and candy that will effectively meet their needs and stand the test of time.

Here at EarthE CBD, all our products are focused on everything that matters taste, quality of appearance and overall functions. We put these key elements at the center of what our CBD edibles and candy are built upon. Good taste and rich flavors are needed to transform first-time consumers to repeat clients and loyal buyers. The appearance of our products is meant to be self-appealing and strike a good first impression. More so, the overall functions and effectiveness of every ingredient is aimed at meeting every consumer at the point of their needs.

Proactive Ingredients Vs Award-Winning Technique


Our CBD and Cannabis products are all-in-one. This implies that all the Cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant are present to serve different curative functions. Overtime, studies have proven that there contains remarkable health benefits when other cannabinoids such as Cannabinol (CBN), Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), Cannabicyclol (CBL) and Cannabichromevarinic Acid (CBCVA) are present.


NB: Please note that full-spectrum CBD and Cannabis is widely known to be more effective than CBD isolate because the former is 100% guaranteed to provide wholesome benefits. This is more reason why all our CBD candy gummies and edibles are lab-tested, processed and re-checked to meet world-class manufacturing requirements.


The Difference is not Just in the Feel-Good Taste, its All-Encompassing!


EarthE CBD is blazing the trail for the perfect grade CBD edibles, yummy treats and candies that would make you smack your lips in approval. Honestly, one cannot expect any little from an expert food scientist and chemist who is looking to revolutionize everything about CBD edibles and candy products. We are equally committed to our quest of manufacturing the highest quality CBD and Cannabis product that is recognized as pharma-grade for its 99% purity.


Every single fragment of our candy is made up of full spectrum CBD, which is well infused and embodied, rather than being superficially coated or dipped. This way, we are able to achieve consistency of taste, unique flavor and quality for each and every piece of our CBD snack through manufacturing.


Experience the Perfect Taste. Enjoy all the Benefits that Come with it!


All our CBD and Cannabis products are manufactured from premium quality hemp leaves, which have been sustainably grown, nurtured and technically extracted to yield potent, natural CBD oils for our treats. All EarthE CBD edibles, candy and gummies are endorsed to be safe and legally fit for consumption in all 50 states of the USA. Not only is our CBD and Cannabis products legally fit for safe consumption, they are custom made and better off.


At EarthE CBD, we invest huge resources into manufacturing medicinal candies, pops, and gummies that empower patients to enjoy all the benefits of a natural, safe and effective cure to stubborn ailments. Many people have earned our trust and thousands of our repeat clients love it that our CBD and Cannabis products function as relief from inflammations, stress and many other health conditions. It also yield massive health benefits in pet-care.


Lab-Tested, Patient-Approved and Healthful

In addition, our team of expert food scientists and chemists specialize in one of the things they love to do most research and development. They are putting conscientious effort towards discovering revolutionary applications of CBD and Cannabis enhanced products. Today, we continue to invest more productive years of research and development into making our products the best quality out there. Afterall, your health is all that matters!